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26 January

Ginger de Bruine Buck (Kamp. Brando-Holly vh Lochternest x Elite B Nozem de Bruine Buck ) has given birth to 7 beautifull puppies. Father is the very interesting Don Rigel del Castel Sardo (Nebukadnezar of the Two x s.r. Kiwi del Castel Sardo) from A. Mulders. We have 4 Groenendael male and 1 female. We also have two nice red Tervueren males. These big puppies between 380 and 470 gram at birth are still doing great.

24 Mai

Sharon de Bruine Buck HD-TC (Carry du Perigord Vert x Avelance del Castel Sardo) has given birth to 8 beautifull puppies (7 males and 1 female). Father of the puppies is Nicky de KÚnatier (Briscar du Sart de Bois x Harmony de KÚnatier) from fam. Lacroix in France. Mother and puppies are doing great!!

15 September

pE Kim de Bruine Buck (Jarl-Wendy van Lana's Hof x Elite B Nozem de Bruine Buck) has given birth to 11 puppies!!! with Elite B Jason de la Douce Plaine (Briscar du Sart des Bois x Dyna de la Douce Plaine) from fam. Tartare in France. Mother is doing a great job and the puppies are growing excellent.

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